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# 年 轻 就 要 站 着 嗨 #



StandPlay.成员,Kyle年轻时在社会底层摸爬滚打,偶然接触,便被Hiphop的真实所感染。从此决心将音乐道路贯彻到底。除了old school,trap也是其招牌曲风。


When Kyle was young in thebottom of seasoning, casual contact, then by "real infection. From thenon, determined to music in the road. In addition to the old school, the trap isher signature style. Young imaginative melody。With uniqueskills, superb his fingers to let the audience intracranial climaxes.



Silent,Because a chance opportunities to reach DJ, and thenceforthto indulge the DJ, then through practice and hard work, finally got theteacher's approval, as the smallest DJ StandPlay, looks very cute, just fierce,but his music is very good at techno/house/the trap, looking forward toaudiences in different voice.

  U tow  

StandPlay.成员,早期受到摇滚音乐朋克音乐和滑板的影响,U tow的电子风格有着狂躁和邪恶的感觉,会让你产生想要逃离的冲动。结合deep house,bass house,twerk,trap和其他流派,他的现场按照观众的能源让每一个人都在音乐旅行。强硬的磁场控制能力引带着舞者的情绪,天马行空的想像让他更好的用节奏和旋律诠释音乐,始终让音乐充满新鲜血液。

Early influencedby rock music punk music and skateboard, U tow electronic style has a crazyrashness and evil feeling, make you want to escape from the impulse. Combinedwith the deep house, bass, house, twerk, trap and other genres, his liveaccording to the audience's energy let everyone traveling in music. Strongmagnetic field to control the emotions of their ability to lead with dancersfantastical imagination made him with the better explain music rhythm andmelody, always let music full of fresh blood.


StandPlay.成员,曾受Mao live house邀请与徐梦圆和Zen°同台演出。以追求完美的混音技巧将冷硬强劲的高能量edm、摄人心魂的future bass和具有毒性低音的trap等不同类型的音乐共冶一炉。年轻又充满活力的他每次表演总能使出浑身解数点燃现场的氛围,用最纯粹的音乐撼动你的感官。

once the Maolive house invited minta round and Zen °. In pursuit of the perfect mixingtechniques will be chilled strong high-energy edm, the future of the beautifulbass and toxic bass the trap of the different types of music, such as a furnacesmelting. Young and energetic every time he performed their lit the atmosphereof the scene, with the most pure music shake your senses.


StandPlay.成员,曾作为主打DJ受邀参加深圳A8大厦SECTOR“百鬼夜行”之夜,对Dubstep Music与Trap Music有着独到的眼光,犀利的操作技巧致使他一直是UndergroundMusic Party的一颗夜明珠,擅长将丰富的情感融入到电子音乐当中,凭借着对音乐执着的态度和精湛的技术,加上自身逗比属性的性格与天生自带的痞气,带来的音乐同样也是“调皮属性”,在厦门本地电子音乐圈中也有着不俗的人气,喜欢Bass Music的朋友们一定会爱上他。

StandPlay members, as a major DJ invited to shenzhen A8 building SECTOR "ghost"nocturnal night, the mismatch between Music and the Trap Music has a uniquevision, sharp skills that he has been a Underground Music Party a pearl, isgood at the emotion into the electronic Music, relying on the Music dedicatedattitude and superb technology, combined with their own tease than attributecharacter and naturally own mass at the right hypochondrium, the Music is alsoa "naughty" attribute, in xiamen also has a good popularity in thelocal electronic Music circle, like the Bass Music friends will fall in lovewith him.


陈志荣,泰国大咖,这位多才多艺的艺术家在电子音乐领域无所不知,对音乐几乎痴迷。他曾荣获泰国Dj大赛Trance music冠军、受新加坡Feel Of Trance音乐节邀请与百大DJ同台演出。他的编排风格与混音技巧散发着一股魔力,引领你进入电音新世界,使得许多热爱电子音乐的人们常常为之疯狂。2007年来到厦大留学,并于2014年在厦门创建StandPlay.音乐工作室,期间发掘了众多有潜质的DJ新人,为电音产业输送新鲜血液。

Chen, Thai curry,this multi-talented artist in the field of electronic music omniscient, foralmost obsessed with music. He has won the Thai Trance Dj series music titles,Singapore Feel Of Trance music festival invited and one hundred large Dj. Hisstyle of choreography and sending out a magic mixing techniques, leading youinto the new world power, makes a lot of electronic music lovers into a frenzy.Came to study in xiamen university in 2007, and in 2007 in xiamen, createStandPlay. Music studio, discovered many potential during the period of new DJ,conveying fresh blood for electronic .

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